MARTIN YALE Shred Box 500/501/502

The Martin Yale Shred Box 500/501/502 is what you need when it's time to tackle your shredding jobs.
Item Code: MY-MR80538

Mfg List: $22.00
Sale Price: $19.99
You Save: $2.01 (9%)

Product Description:

As necessary as the task of shredding important documents is, it's also one that is enormously time-consuming.  Unfortunately, unless you have the right products and tools available to you when you begin your shredding, this time-consuming task doesn't get much better.  With the Martin Yale Shred Box 500/501/502, you have everything you need to bust through that shredding job in a heartbeat.  The Martin Yale Shred Box 500/501/502, you have enough box that you can tackle a big shredding job without having to change boxes so often.  The Martin Yale 500/501/502 is also not so big that it can't be moved after you fill it.  Two hand grips on the sides of the box also makes it convenient to move it wherever you need to use or store it. Common sense product.

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