Sheet Metal Bench - wood w/0 plates-45

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Sheet Metal Bench - wood w/0 plates-45 {Shipping: $483.95}
Customer Reviews

A sheet metal work bench makes for a highly durable project surface that is long-lasting and a great investment for a workshop.

While normally sheet metal doesn't get too many people that excited, a sheet metal surface work bench should do the trick. Being the Shangri-La of worksurfaces, this is the sort of production unit that people can really let loos with their creativity without burning down the workshop or creating a hole going to Asia beneath their feet. The sheet metal work surface ensures all will remain well, taking impact, heat, cold, chemicals and more without warping or melting. The only question that will be left after putting one of these sheet metal benches into place will be, why didn't we have them sooner?

Given the size and weight of the bench, freight services will be required for delivery (Oversize shipping: $483.95).