SENNELIER Watercolor Block 140lb 8.25"x5.25" Cold Press 20sh - 15 BLOCKS

SENNELIER Watercolor Block 140lb 8.25"x5.25" Cold Press 20sh - 15 BLOCKS
Sennelier's Watercolor Blocks provide a top-notch quality paper product for traveling watercolor painters to work with, easily capturing color and allowing presentation of even the faintest of shades on bright clear surfaces.
Item Code: SF--10-139877(15pcs)

Mfg List: 374.25
Sale Price: 269.99
You Save: 104.26 (28%)

Product Description:

Watercolor blocks are a traveling painter's friend. Instead of having to bundle up and carry an entire tripod and frame, these units come with watercolor paper that is already stretched and bound on all four edges (ergo waterblock instead of waterpad on just one edge, like a notepad). When the painting is done and dried, the sheet is just separated from the block and good to go to a frame. It's an easy way to paint and protect a painting, especially when on the road and equipment is limited.

The Sennelier Watercolor Blocks are quality paper products designed for the beginner and discriminating professional painter and are produced in multiple sizes. Sennelier includes standard sizing as well as unique landscape-style shapes of paper, which lend flexibility to painters who want to capture horizons of locales far better.

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