Alvin Rotatrim 73" Power Trimmer

Alvin Rotatrim 73" Power Trimmer
This power trimmer is sure to do the job!
Item Code: AL-PT1850

List $4,600.00
Price: $4,549.99
You Save: $50.01 (1%)

Product Description:
This 73" power trimmer is ideal for use in heavy workloads. Powered by electricity, this trimmer uses a belt at the cutting head as well. To control the cutting head, a foot-operating switch is used so that both of the users' hands are able to position various materials the trimmer may be cutting. The speed this trimmer cuts at is 20 inches per second, with 28 pounds per inch of torque. An additional option for this trimmer is a higher speed one that trims at 39 inches per second, with 16 pounds per inch of torque. Other options include extension rods for baseboards that may be used to support materials that are large in size. These rods are available for trimmer models 1550 and higher. Easy to use, these extension rods extend the depth to 28 inches for a better work space. Also included with this purchase is the Rotatrim trimmer guarantee. This guarantee lasts for five years and includes coverage over defected or faulty parts. However, this particular guarantee does not include items that are prone to regular wear and tear such as, cutting blades, clamps trips or rubber parts. If the product is misused, the guarantee will not count. To ensure a guarantee if necessary, save the original box or shipping carton the product came in.
  • 73" trimmer.
  • Powered by electricity.
  • 5 year guarantee.
  • Easy to operate.
  • Oversize Shipping: $105.95.

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