Item Code: FMC-227XX-10

Mfg List: $905.00
Sale Price: $849.99
You Save: $55.01 (6%)
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 #22710: 30in(W) x 18in(D) x 30in(H)
 #22700: 30in(W) x 18in(D) x 45in(H}(+$39.99)
 #22705: 30in(W) x 18in(D) x 53in(H)(+$99.99)
 #22705&22705-SSR/RT: 30in(W) x 18in(D) x 53in(H) w/2nd Rail(+$249.99)

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 #22160(x25pcs): Holds 21-5/8in x 25-5/8in(+$399.99)
 #22170(x25pcs): Holds 24in x 18in(+$399.99)
 #22180(x25pcs): Holds 24-1/2in x 29-3/8in(+$499.99)
 #22190(x25pcs): Holds 30in x 22in(+$499.99)
 #22200(x25pcs): Holds 31in x 40in(+$1099.99)
 #22210(x25pcs): Holds 32in x 43in(+$1199.99)

Product Description:

Railex Vertical Filing
Railex Mobile Carts

RollaFILES are a convenient way to transport or to use as pick-up stations in each department. Made of welded steel tubing with heavy-duty casters and clear plexiglas® top to allow viewing of all job files.

  • RAILEX MOBILE FILM RACK 30" high (RT-30)
  • RAILEX MOBILE FILM RACK 45" high (RT-45) For Files up to 40"
  • RAILEX MOBILE FILM RACK 53" high (RT-53) For Larger Files
  • RAILEX MOBILE FILM RACK 53" high (RT-53) with Optional 2nd Rail (for Model 22705 Only)

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