Alvin MOD300 Rolatape Single Wheel

Item Code: AL-MOD300

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Sale Price: $139.99
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Product Description:
Alvin Rolatape Single Wheel
Rugged and reliable and specifically designed for heavy-duty field use. Suitable for landscaping, fencing, irrigation, seeding, fertilizing and golf course measuring needs. Specially crafted hand grip provides firm control and easy operation even over rough terrain. Equipped with lift and lock folding handle. Strong self-lubricating wheel bearings. Completely sealed Veeder-Root Counter measures in feet up to 100,000 ft. without resetting. Precision calibrated powder-coated wheel rimmed with hard rubber tread for solid traction and superior balance. Wheel circumference 3 ft.; wheel diameter 11 1?4 in.; weighs 5 lbs. Supplied in 4-color retail packaging.
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