SIENNA All In One Pochade Box - Click to enlarge
SIENNA All In One Pochade Box - Click to enlarge

SIENNA All In One Pochade Box

Item Code: C-PB-1014

Mfg List: $199.00
Sale Price: $139.99
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Product Description:
All In One Pochade Box by Sienna. A day of plein air painting is complete with the All In One Pochade Box. This product has revolutionized the Pochade Box because of the additional features it includes. It has all the traditional aspects of a Pochade Box and a lot more! It’s all in the name – the Sienna All In One, really does have it all!

Durable Construction:
The Pochade Box is built with Baltic Birch, Poplar, and Maple. It has a durable construction with tight finger joint construction. The box is absolutely stunning with its cherry stain and lacquer finish.

Storage and Space:
Sienna’s All In One has three large storage compartments under a sliding wooden palette that provides ample space for storage. The storage dividers can be removed for one large space. When the dividers are inside, the storage compartments measure 3 ¼” x 12 ¼” and can hold eight 40ml tubes of paint. You could even carry along a sandwich!

There is no need to invest in a wet canvas carrier because this Pochade Box has a compartment just for storing your wet panels. The panels are placed behind a sliding magnetic door. It fits two 9 x 12 or two 8 x 10 panels using the included adapter bar.

Ergonomic Star Knobs:
Easy to adjust plastic star knobs control the adjustment of the lid arm angle and canvas holders. Sienna is proud of this superior feature in that it is far easier to grip and has a greater tightening power that the common wing nuts found in many plein air easels.

The all new Pochade Box features a fully adjustable lid that is held firmly in place at any angle. The lid adjustment arm will accommodate all your angular needs, and will even lay flat for watercolor painting. It is so simple to use.

The artist can use the Pochade Box as a table top easel as well! The rubber bumpers on the bottom make this item so versatile. The Pochade Box has traditionally been used for plein air, the All In One Pochade is easy to use at home, in a studio, and, of course, outdoors as well.

Brush Tray
A convenient brush tray is included that is great for holding wet brushes, palette knives, or canisters. There are seven indents for holding brushes and flat surface for other tools. The shelf will attach to either side of the box with magnets. The tray magnetically attaches to the back of the box lid for easy storage.

Painting Palette
The included painting palette is made from birch with a clear lacquer finish. The color and finish of the palette makes it easy for color mixing of oils and acrylic paints and easy to clean up.

A paper towel holder for the standard paper towel size can be hung on the front edge of the box.

The All in One Pochade Box accommodates both painting panels and stretched canvas with its unique sienna clips that holds the artwork securely in place and allows the artist to paint along the edges of the painting.

The holding clips firmly hold your painting canvas in place and allow you to paint to the edge of your canvas. Use canvases up to 17 inches tall.

Tripod Mounting Plate
A critical piece of the pochade box is the mounting plate. A ¼” thick piece of aluminum 2 1/2” x 2 1/2” accomplishes this beautifully, with a standard ¼ x 20 threaded hole as the fastening point. The plate is attached to the frame of the box with three stout screws. There is a large area for the ballhead quick release plate to grab onto and hold the box firmly in place on the tripod.


  • Closed Dimensions: 14 ¾ x 11 ¼ x 5 ½ inches

  • Storage compartments measures 3 ¼ x 12 ¼ inches

  • Net Weight: 6.8 lbs

  • Max canvas height: 17 inches tall x any width

  • Palette area of 10 x 12 inches
  • Customer Reviews
    By: Raette Meredith from Kalispell, MT on 06/02/2014
    The pochade box came right on schedule! I love it! So easy to set up and so much lighter than my French easel!
    By: Artie from New Jersey on 12/07/2013
    I just got this box and am looking forward to using outside soon.
    By: Artie from Red on 12/07/2013
    By: Juanita Howard from Roswell, New Mexico on 07/23/2013
    Delivery was SUPER fast--received it in less than 48 hours! The pochade box has a major problem staying vertical. It keeps falling down when I am painting. Am working on this with a guy from a woodshop to correct. Other than that, I love the little drawers and design of the box.
    By: Kathleen from Wilmington on 06/09/2013
    I am very happy with this box. It is well made, and can accommodate larger canvas sizes than the others on the market. It has lots of storage room for paints/brushes, holds 2 sizes of wet panels and is easy to paint with. Because it is larger I thought it needed a better quality tripod and mount. I used a Manfrotto set up and it is very stable.
    By: Lorena Asensio from Guatemala, Guatemala on 05/20/2013
    I absolutely love this box! It fits everything you need for a plein air project. I just went to a plein air workshop in New York and went all over the city with the box, no problem carrying it. It fits all the basics for your paintings, even the canvas!
    The quality is excellent, nicely varnished, good hardware, solid. I highly recommend it!
    Best of all, I got it in less than a week!
    By: Margaret from perry hall maryland on 11/04/2012
    Great box, works well in side and on location. Very easy to use, lots of storage. The service was a Wow.! Madison Art is amazing
    By: TN artist from Tennessee on 08/29/2012
    I am very pleased with this box overall since it allows me to take all I need in one small box when I paint outdoors. However, I was very disappointed in the quality of construction of the box - it looks like it was a develpment prototype (inconsistant varnish, area of repaired split wood, sloppy gluing). I decided to keep the box because it did seem solid and truly is an all in one solution for local outdoor painting.