Alvin Tracing Paper 11X17 250 Sheet/Pack

Alvin Tracing Paper  11X17  250 Sheet/Pack
Choose this high-quality Alva-Line tracing paper for its high degree of versatility, its strength and its resistance to smudging and streaking.
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Product Description:
The tracing paper that you choose makes a big difference in the way your finished document looks. This 250-pack of tracing sheets is full of high-quality, transparentized sheets that are each sized 11" x 17". This paper is made from synthetic resins to make it exceptionally durable. The synthetic properties make this paper resistant to the folding creases and tearing that can plague many other tracing papers. When you erase on this paper, you won't smudge it, leave white streaks on it or smear it. You also won't see ghosting left behind. You can redraw as needed without fear that you've ruined your work.

This Alva-line tracing paper has been normally aged to give it more stability. It stands up to, and exceeds, tests for folding, transparency, tearing and bursting. And, it won't discolor when you put it through machines no matter how many times you run it through. This rugged tracing paper is versatile and easy to use. You can draw on it with ink, pencil or crayons. You can type on it and even use water colors. The fine-tooth surface makes this paper take on just the right amount of graphite from your pencil without taking on too much. This line of tracing papers are well known for their high degree of uniformity. Each sheet is made to be the same in its degree of transparency, and each one is strong and durable.
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