GUIDECRAFT Multi Match Sensory Discs

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Learn to use all of your senses as you mix and match tactile patterns with this exciting game!
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Product Description:

Designed to stimulate the senses, the Multi-Match Sensory Discs game teaches several skills at once. Children use small hand-sized discs to feel the texture with their hands, then try to match them to patterns on the larger floor disc. This game is most difficult played with closed eyes, however it can be changed for younger kids to a color matching game or number matching as well. Small discs are imprinted with the written numbers which can be matched by counting the patterns on the large discs.

This is a good game to keep children active indoors or outdoors because it involves both the mind and body. Kids will love feeling the different textures and counting out the patterns on each disc. This product offers FREE Shipping within the continental United States.

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