Alex Toys' Monster Art Center

Alex Toys' Monster Art Center

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Keeping your kids occupied with art is a blessing. However, with the proper information it is easy for you to locate the best art set for your children. The best set may even be Alex Toys Monster Art Center, then you can finally have a great art set your kids can use. 

Product Description:

- The art set has a very durable aluminum case, which keeps your kids art pieces safe from harm. 

- With 132 pieces, your kids will stay occupied for hours on end as they have plenty of options to choose from. 

- Contains more then just crayons you get with most art sets. The set includes 12 water color paints, 28 colored pencils, brushes, and even has sponges to make clean up a snap. 

- Way the art case is packaged allows you to quickly go over the case and see what your kids have forgotten to put away. This also allows your children to rapidly pick out the colors they want to work with. 

The Alex Toys Monster Art Center is a great choice for children and adults alike. These sets make it easy for you to enjoy helping your kids with their artwork. 

Customer Reviews
By: S Fugate from Birmingham, AL on 01/02/2012
This was... present for my granddaughter who is 6. She absolutely loves it and uses it almost every day! She really likes the fact that it comes in its own "briefcase," which allows her to keep away from her 4-year-old brother!
By: Diane Podolak from Princeton, IL on 01/21/2010
I ordered this for my great-nephew who lives in another state and just turned 6. He called me to thank me and his mom said he was painting as we spoke. She said there are so many supplies it will keep him and his older brother in art supplies for a long time!