SHAIN Modular Bench - all wood, 2-1/4" MT-20

Item Code: SH-WM-711M

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The Shain Modular Bench is made of all wood and features a storage cabinet base unit for easy storage. The dovetail constructions of the drawers on the bench make the unit especially durable.

Product Description:

The modular bench is made from side, front and back panels of plywood. Maple wood is also featured in the bench and mortise and tenon construction is used to make the table strong and sturdy. The unit also features a sealed storage cabinet to keep the unit free from paint damage and to keep artistic works and materials in their best condition. The bench is finished with several layers of lacquer for aesthetic appeal and to keep the modular bench looking its best for years to come.

The Shain Modular Bench is available in several models to accommodate the needs of artists. The bench can feature one drawer with one cabinet, two cabinets with one drawer or two cabinets with two drawers. The top of the unit is made from maple that is 1 3/4 inches thick, which can serve as a working space or additional storage space.

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