Mobile Tote Tray Cabinet

This mobile tote tray cabinet is perfect for all of your storage and organizational needs, regardless of whether you're an artist or not! Great design and great value combine with this to make a great product.
Item Code: SH-MTTC-9

Mfg List: $1,629.00
Sale Price: $1,419.99
You Save: $209.01 (13%)

Product Description:

Ask any artist or worker - especially someone who is self-employed - and he or she will readily tell you that a big part of keeping yourself orderly is having good organizational skills. To some people, it comes naturally - while others might find it a bit more complicated and frustrating. For those people, a mobile tote tray cabinet can prove to be just as important as the tools they put in it. It helps prevent loss, and it helps make sure that the tools don't mix together.

  • Designed with high quality, to ensure lasting value well beyond your purchase date
  • Designed with a visual quality that lets it be used in a wide variety of work environments
  • Priced appropriately to suit the actual value of the high quality product
  • Oversize Shipping cost: $151.45

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