Metal Modular Bench w/2" RS-19 Wt-175

The Metal Modular Bench is the perfect workstation for classrooms and art studios. The bench has several uses and improves functionality for artists.
Item Code: SH-MM-620

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Product Description:

The base units of the bench are made of heavy-gauge steel. Riveting and welding are apparent throughout the bench for durability. The unit also features a base cabinet that contains four drawers for storing art supplies like brushes, paints and small canvases. An additional cabinet features a door and adjustable shelf. This is ideal for housing larger art supplies such as easels. The drawers of the bench have nylon bearings and handles made of chrome for aesthetics and easy clean-up. The bench also includes a knockout plug for a cylinder lock and a padlock hasp. The bench's base color is gray, and the bench features a maple top. The bench stands 31 inches tall, and additional accessories for the storage unit are available.

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