Item Code: FMC-772

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If you are an artist in need in need of a little organization and storage for your lithography projects, this metal plate rack is the one for you!

Product Description:

Lithography involves using metal plates to create images that then can be used to transfer those images in print to other mediums such as paper or canvas. This metal plate rack is a must have for those that work with prints.

This offset plate filing rack allows users to mount the heavy items onto swivel casters. It is no longer necessary to lug the big, heavy objects around, making the creative process much smoother and faster.

The rack has two centered suspension arms with which to hang objects from. There is a 22 3/4 inch space between the two of the arms that are welded solidly to the rest of the frame.

This wonderful product is made of a long lasting steel tubing and finished with black baked enamel.

Offset printing metal plates storage

This storage system, is also, and primarily, for offset printing plates. When printing a book or a newspaper on a printing press, master metal plates of each page's fonts are made, which smack doen the ink on each paper. Plates are saved for 2nd printing. Store them here. - Not everything on our site is only for artists :) This is also a printing industry storage solution.

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