Melissa & Doug Lindsay - 14" Bride Doll

Melissa & Doug Lindsay - 14" Bride Doll
The Melissa & Doug Lindsay - 14" Bride Doll is every girl’s dream.

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When the first white wedding dress was worn by Queen Victoria, a new tradition was borne. Considered the classic wedding gown choice today, the white dress is a symbol of purity and grace. Signifying luxury and glamour on that special day, the white wedding gown is the most delicate expression of the marriage union.

The Melissa & Doug Lindsay - 14" Bride Doll is beautiful angel in white. With a blond halo of hair and exquisite blue eyes, Lindsey is elegantly outfitted, and carries an elegant bouquet of white roses representing her youth. Her sparkling white dress is an expression of romance and joy.  The dress made of sheer satin and tulle, is inspired by the traditional gowns of yesteryear. Wearing slippers made of satin, her comportment says “I do”.

Item Dimensions: 15 inches x 6 inches x 4.5 inches

Weight: 1.6 pounds

Category: Dolls & Accessories

Age Rating: 3+ years

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