Melissa & Doug Horse - Plush

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The Melissa & Doug Horse – Plush is a wild pet.
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During the course of the Horse’s history in over 50 million years, this once predominantly wild animal has since been a subject of domestication in ranch economy.The first horses are said to have been domesticated by about 4000 BC, with wider domestication across the ancient world for use in agriculture, and for travel, by 3000 BC.

The Bay colored horse is quite common, and a beautiful representation of the species. The Melissa & Doug Horse - Plush is designed to resemble the real thing. Standing at a near 3 feet in height, the Horse Plush Toy is a genuine delight. With a white blaze from its nose to the top of its head, and four white lower legs, this horse is meant is a perfect replica of horses seen in the American West.

Item Dimensions: 33.5 inches x 31 inches x 12.5 inches

Weight: 9 pounds

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Age Rating: 3+ years

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Brooklyn, NY
December 27, 2013

Very real looking. Sturdy in standing position, easy to clean and care for.