Melissa & Doug Activity & Sticker Pad Display

Displaying stickers can be “sticky business”! Luckily, there is no better solution than this Melissa & Doug Activity & Sticker Pad Display. 
Item Code: MD-3868

Mfg List: $598.99
Sale Price: $439.99
You Save: $159.00 (27%)

Product Description:

This item will keep your sticker & activity pads organized and fully accessible. Don’t get caught up trying to take valuable space away from your shelves trying to display sticker pads. This Melissa & Doug Activity & Sticker Pad display has several shelves on two sides as well as petite hooks to hang additional small, similar items. Approximately 24” X 22.5”, this display will not need a lot of floor space either! Additionally, because of its multiple levels of display, parents and kids alike will have no trouble viewing your product and finding their perfect item. Did we mention you could set it up almost anywhere? You can place this item perfectly in your home, in the store, a school classroom, or wherever else you might need it. Don’t miss out on this incredible display! 

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