Alvin Light Box 18 X 24 Metal

Alvin Light Box 18 X 24 Metal

Item Code: AL-PC1824CC

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Tracing Lightbox

Product Description:

Looking to get a better view of things? The Alvin Light Box 18 X 24 Metal offers constant illumination with 5000K color-correcting lighting. Each light box is topped with a solid Plexiglas surface that keeps the unit protected, and also offers the ability to add on a glass cutting surface.

The Alvin Light Box 18 X 24 Metal provides a unique combination of quality construction and versatility. All the lights on this product are controlled with fluorescent power switches, meaning that you don't have to worry about contending with starters.

Each light box unit provides a constant, color-correcting stream of illumination that allows you to see your work clearly and crisply. You can also transform the light box into a cutting box by adding a glass surface, which is held firmly in place by the angle mounts included with every unit. For added convenience, the carrying handle can also serve as a folding tilt stand.

This quality product is manufactured in the United States.

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