LARRY GLUCK Complete Art Instruction Package (DVDs & Materials)

The Larry Gluck "Mission: Renaissance" Method - Anyone Can Learn to Draw & paint!

Larry Gluck set out on a mission - to teach drawing and painting to anyone that just wants to learn. Larry's belief is that the main impediment in art is not believing in yourself that you can do it! Too many people have given him the old line - that they can't draw a straight line. Well, Larry Gluck set out to disprove this and now he is the owner of the worlds largest art school with 20 locations throughout California and Canada teaching over 4,000 students every week how to draw and paint!

Here we present to you the opportunity to become a student of "The Gluck Method" in the comfort of your own home! Receive DVDs and a complete set of all supplies needed to complete these courses. Do a lesson or 2 a day, and in a matter of weeks you will graduate and join the ranks of active fine artist with a new love of creating your own art for a lifetime!

Mission Renaissance was founded by renowned artist Larry Gluck in 1975 as a small fine art drawing and painting instruction school.

In the last 33 years it has grown to become the world's largest fine art instruction program for good reason:
Larry Gluck's promise that his schools can teach ANYONE (kids, teens and adults) how to draw beautifully has stood the test of time.

The exclusive "Gluck Method" of art instruction, designed by Larry Gluck, has been perfected over the years, and this is the only method taught in The 20 Gluck art schools - Now available as a home study couse through these DVD & materials packages!

Larry Gluck - Artist and Educator

From a very early age Larry pursued his education in the fine arts. By the time he was 13 he was apprenticed to the Italian portrait master Giuseppe Trotta, an old classmate of Picasso himself.

Larry Gluck then went on to graduate from America's most prestiges art school, The New York Pratt Institute.

Larry moved to the island of St. Thomas in 1961 to paint professionally. By 1970 he had produced and sold 3,500 original works of his own art.

In 1975 Larry and his wife Sheila opened the Mission Renaissance Art School in Los Angeles to teach others the fine art of painting and drawing.
Since then the first school has grown to 20.
Larry has now created a home study course for those who are not local to our art schools, The Art of Drawing Series provides all of the fundamentals, drills, and know how to master the basics of the visual arts!

Changing the Way the World
Looks at Art Education

larry has not named his schools: "Mission: Renaissance" because it is a nice sounding name for an art instruction school.
Larry Gluck has the literal mission to help create a new renaissance in the arts.
Where this may have seemed a lofty goal back in 1975 it looks much different in 2008 - with 22 Art Schools teaching 4000plus students every week, untold thousands studying our Art of Drawing home study courses, and colleges and universities that are now beginning to teach "The Gluck Method" of art instruction to their art own art students!
What speaks even more for Larry Gluck's mission is his students results!

Learning how to draw has
never been easier!