Isamu Noguchi: The Sculpture of Spaces Video (VHS/DVD)

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Isamu Noguchi: The Sculpture of Spaces Video (VHS/DVD). "One day...I had a vision: I saw the Earth as sculpture." Isamu Noguchi often said that the space around a thing is as important as the thing itself. This classic program shows Noguchi turning landscapes into participatory works of art as it follows in dramatic detail the struggle to bring his ideas to fruition at Miami's Bayfront Park and at Moere Numa Park, outside Sapporo. His austere sets for Martha Graham, which helped define modern dance, and his UNESCO garden in Paris, which shaped earth, water, and greenery into a series of multisensory surprises, are featured as well. A brilliant glimpse of an artist at work. (53 minutes.) The Arts, Art and Photography. 1995.
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