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Let the children have fun while learning about other cultures with these brightly coloredand long-lasting safe, wooden international  food packages. FREE SHIPPING

Product Description:

The GUIDECRAFT INTERNATIONAL FOODS selection is a collection of 12 international foods chosen for their popularity in different countries around the globe. These items are fun and colorful, but they are far more than toys. These packages extend opportunities for dramatic play. The retro images are silk-screened onto hard wood for long and durable use while providing exposure to other cultures.

The potential uses are limited only by a child’s imagination and a few suggestions for play. The brightly colored items are perfect for setting up a play store or grocery sales cart. Students can act as the shop owner or the consumer. Parents and teachers provide more value by providing support for the individual countries with names and even toy money for purchases. These items are also great props for displays, photos, and other uses need bright, international elements.

Summary categories and details:

  • Wooden, educational toys
  • International foods
  • Overall weight 3.6 pounds
  • Perfect for ages 3 years and older
  • Free shipping

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