Instructor's Demo Bench – chemsurf top

Teach lessons in science from the safety of this instructor's table.
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Product Description:

This instructor's bench is perfectly at home in the front of any chemistry or science classroom. The work bench is secure enough for sensitive experiments and demonstrations, even those involving acid or chemicals. The Instructor's Demo Bench with chemsurf top is shipped in pieces and also easy to assemble and reassemble if you need to move it. It provides a solid foundation whether you're grading papers or showing the power of science to your students.

The Chemsurf table top is ideal for use in science environments and classrooms because it resists both acid and chemical reactions. You're always better safe than sorry when working with chemicals. This ensures the table is durable and usable year after year. Chemsurf is balanced for light science and affordability. Chemsurf work benches for students are also available.

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