Huntington Artist Taboret

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Product Description:
Sold-out and discontinued by the manufacturer.
Too bad, by the looks of these reviews!

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Customer Reviews
By: Dr JK from Seattle on 06/07/2011
This is an incredible, top quality taboret. I have been using it for a couple of years now and no defects or hidden problems. It is very high quality and so great to roll around. It keeps all my supplies in one place. Highly recommended!!

By: Anonymous on 11/20/2009
I looked into all the online taborets that I could find and settled on this one due to its features, the look of the wood, and the perception of quality that I had after talking to a representative of the manufacturer about materials and construction (very courteous and responsive folks). I've just finished assembly and I'm happy to report that this unit has exceeded my expectations.

When I opened the rather compact box I was impressed with the packaging-every part was neatly
By: PD from South Orange, NJ on 09/21/2009
Great design and nice quality wood. Assembly takes some time but everything was laid out clearly and the holes were all pre-drilled correctly so there were no frustrations, just requires patience. Now that it's together, it looks fantastic and has just the right storage and use features. The lower cabinet area is great for storing turpentine and taller items and the drawers are great for paints and brushes.
By: Doug M. from OH on 08/25/2009
The assembly on this was super easy, the materials are high quality. A first class product.
By: JB from Phoenix, AZ on 01/28/2008
Excellent Quality! Exactly what I have been seeking. Most were too small or too large.
By: Barb from Reno, NV on 10/07/2007
I have been looking for a Taboret for over 2years. This one is just what I had always hoped to find. It is of high quality and not difficult to put together. The storage is perfect with drawers for paint and cupboards for solvents and varnishes. I love the stainless steal brush cleaner. I would highly recommend this product. Another plus was the quick delivery in 3 days!