Holbein Artist Oil Pastel - Set of 225

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Product Description:
Holbein Artist Oil Pastel - Set of 225 (total of 100 colors.)

What is Oil Pastel?

Oil Pastel is a stick color made by kneading pigment with wax and oil for soft drawing. It is possible to make a coloring surface with turpentine oil or petrol as solvent for oil color.

  • 1. Well spreading

    It is very soft and spreads easily.
  • 2. Vivid coloring and possible to make various intermediate colors

    It enables you to make various intermediate bright colors by adding white color, because it contains a large amount of pigment. It enables you to draw high intensity of colors when used as it is, therefore, you can make lively works.
  • 3. Excellent light resistance

    Excellent pigment with little fading property is used in a large quantity.
  • 4. Stable fixing or adhering power

    Pigment is fixed firmly onto picture, so it is possible to produce works mimicking those painted with oil color.
  • 5. Not including harmful substances

    It is necessary to pay special attention to the influence of Pastel on human body when Pastel attached to finger enters the mouth, because pastel is held directly by fingers. In this respect, you can use Holbein's Oil Pastel without anxiety, for it is completely devoid of harmful materials. ACMI AP approved as non-toxic.
  • 6. Use Matte Finish for picture protection

    Oil Pastel does not dry essentially, therefore, color adheres to the fingers when you touch the picture. To avoid this, please use Matte Finish or Spray Matte Tableaux for picture protection after the work is completed.
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