Henry Moore: Carving a Reputation Video (2 part series - DVD)

Henry Moore: Carving a Reputation  Video  (2 part series - DVD)
Worldwide people enjoy copies of Henry Moore's sculptures. This unique series is a great insight for lover of art, educators of art appreciation, art students, how the influence of the world in which Moore lived only highlights the importance and sparks the interest of history. Highly recommended to watch the growth of a talented and influential sculpture for educators or individuals that are want to learn more about some of those semi-abstract sculptures with hollowed out area or abstract shapes that have been reproduced worldwide.
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As viewer, you enter into the world and mind of Henry Moore starting with the British childhood in Yorkshire. Moore credits his father's mining as the bases of his imagination and sculptures while the support and encouragement of his mother drove him to pursue his desires. Moore started experimenting in sculpture with wood before moving on to other mediums such as stone. He was a pioneer even at a young age during his time in art school. Emotionally and critically, Moore had up and downs. He left teaching at the Royal Academy both hurt and angry that another sculptor's was chosen over his. Nevertheless, he was acclaimed for his work "Recumbent Figure" brought by Sir Kenneth Clarke for the Tate Museum. World War II left Moore in a confused state of reconciling war with his piece of "Madonna and Child". Moore became extremely interested in shapes of how cloths flowed from people in the bomb shelters. Moore was able to combine his playfulness with hollowed-out-spaces and openings. His enormous biomorphic designs leave enough to the imagination for the viewer. Critics David Sylvester and Richard Cork discuss the comprehensive examination of Moore's work as influenced by his life and provide fair critical evaluations. Numerous photographs capture Moore's work found worldwide at some very impressive locations contribute to the critics of Moore's work. What is exciting is delving into previously unseen sketches and drawings, combined with memories from Moore's former assistants and relatives that provide a rare insight into Britain's most celebrated sculptor.
  • ISBN: 9781421374925
  • Run Time: 2 parts, 50 minutes each
  • Copyright Date: ©1998
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