Gerstner International

When craftsmen hear the name H. Gerstner and Sons, they think quality and practicality. This company probably made the chests used by your first instructor and their first teacher as well. Over a century of experience has provided Gerstner with the feedback from artists to develop chests that provide just the right elements for such discriminating artists and professionals as modelers, machinists, and gunsmiths.

We bring the Gerstner International line to our customers as an affordable way to obtain a famed and coveted Gerstner quality chest. We’re proud to be an authorized dealer of these stylish and durable chests and that we offer them to you at the best prices you will find anywhere. Take the time to review the many chests, rollers, bases and other options that allow you to tailor a unit that is just right for your needs.

You get style, durability and functionality with these great chests.

H. Gerstner & Sons have been producing their coveted tool chests here in the USA for over 100 years. However, recognizing that the market was looking for a lower-priced line, Gerstner introduced their Gerstner International line of tool chests and products. Whereas the Gerstner USA line is produced here in the USA from USA wood, the Gerstner International line is imported from out of the USA. Gerstner carefully inspects each and every piece they import to live up to the Gerstner quality name before affixing their trusted Gerstner nameplate. Customers have been thrilled with the high quality of this lower-cost Gerstner option. Gerstner International chests, bases, rollers and more. Madison Art Shop is an authorized dealer of all Gerstner products, offering you them at the lowest price anywhere.