Gagne TRACEMASTER Opaque Art Projector

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Product Description:
Gagne TRACEMASTER Opaque Art Projector. This is a rugged unit built from heavy duty molded plastic featuring a 7" x 7" field of view* and can project the original image up to 20x [e.g. a 7” x 7” picture will enlarge to approximately 63” at a distance of 9’.] It also has the convenience of a handle and a bottom loading design, which is eaiser to use and heat rises up and away from the media. This facilitates the projection of larger images by sections; by easily moving the projector to different areas of the image. Its quality 2 element lens projects the images clearly right out to the edge.

Bottom loading and 50% less heat production than others!

Heat rises away from original - Protecting original!

Unit has convenient carry handle

Key Benefits
  • 7.00" x 7.00" Nominal field of view*
  • Bottom loading design
  • Two element lens

    [* field of view refers to the actual dimensions of the original image that is projected at a given time. This is driven by the mirror system in the design and is not to be confused with the opening or platen dimensions.]

    Gagne has recently changed the Trace-Master model to have a reducing and enlargement lens at no increased cost to you. Important: The reducing lens is only available in the Trace-Master model not the Deluxe version. It can reduce the image up to 70% of the original image.

    Trace-Master — Features a reducing and enlargement lens. It reduces up to 70% of the original image. The 2 element lens is imprinted on each end for the different options and projects the images clearly right out to the edge.

    (Oversize shipping: $18.75)

    Drawing / Tracing

    A projector can help your drawing skills. You can recreate the image exactly or use only portions to create your own design. Using the projector will speed up the production of your paintings and decorative work and reduce the time it takes to scale from a photograph or sketch.

    Includes 2 – 200 watt incandescent lamps.
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    December 28, 2013