Fredrix Archival Pre-Stretched WATERCOLOR Canvas


Fredrix Archival Pre-Stretched WATERCOLOR Canvas are Pure-Cotton Canvas with a brand new specially-formulated Gesso-coating and exclusively textured Cotton Canvas designed to accept watercolors & all water based paints!
This is the first time you can paint in watercolors on a traditional pre-streched canvas as opposed to watercolor paper!
What a great invention! Try it! You’ll love it.

You can now frame your Watercolor paintings without glass!

Kiln-Dried Stretcher Bars
* * *
Acid Free
* * *
Stapled on back - paint on all four edges!
  • Zero buckling!
  • Terrific "Lifting" capability
  • hard-wearing

    Fredrix watercolor Canvas are Used by Tom Lynch and other Master Artists!
    "I am ready to take my work to greater heights and Fredrix Watercolor Canvas is just the product to get me there. My gallery acceptance has been great" Tom Lynch

    Can be used for Acrylics too.

    Watercolor Canvas
    What is watercolor canvas?
    If you are painting with watercolors you should paint on a watercolor canvas. This is a canvas that is made of 100% cotton that has been uniquely textured. When this particular cotton is combined with an acid free coating it make a unique watercolor medium.

    Watercolor Canvas

    Watercolor canvas is a surface made of 100% cotton and is uniquely textured from an all natural woven material. When combined with an acid-free coating, is a unique new watercolor painting medium. The combination of coatings and natural woven materials absorb the watercolor paints better then other painting mediums.