Flex Center - LB-D2

Flex Center - LB-D2
The SHAIN Flex Center will provide your workshop with a quality locker unit that is made to last.
Item Code: SH-FC-40

Mfg List: $4,514.00
Sale Price: $3,929.99
You Save: $584.01 (13%)

Product Description:

The SHAIN Flex Center LB-D2 is made to withstand the vigorous beating that lockers usually take on a day to day basis.  These locker units have side panels that are constructed with 20-gauge steel plates and the locker doors are made with 18-gauge steel.  

Some great features of the SHAIN Flex Center locker unit is that it consists of:

  • large air vents for good air circulatation
  • 20 and 18-gauge steel plating construction
  • durable spring hinges
  • steel padlock haspe
  • a knockout plug for circular lock
  • and strong, baked enamel finish inside and out 

What gives the SHAIN Flex Center LB-D2 locker units their strength and integrity is the fact that it is constructed from an all-welded steel configuration, giving these lockers the unbeatable back-bone that SHAIN is known for.  

Shipping: $483.95

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