12" Wooden Painted YELLOW FEMALE Manikin

12" Wooden Painted YELLOW FEMALE Manikin
A manikin can be a great purchase not just for artists to better proportion what they draw or model, but also for those who enjoy playing around with them and their virtually infinite selection of poses. Great for beginners and experts!
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Even the best artist might need a little help visualizing what they are trying to put on paper, so to speak. A great way for them to accomplish this is through the use of manikins like this yellow one. They allow you to pose them in certain positions, that help convey to yourself and others what you are trying to do so as to hasten your art. It's not just for clay modeling or drawing - even people in the animation and video game industries have been known to use manikins, such as the designer of the Super Smash Bros. series, Masahiro Sakurai!

  • Great for beginners and experts alike to visualize their ideas
  • Cheap price not reflected in the quality of design for these
  • Not just for work - they can be for fun, too!

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Halifax, VA
September 17, 2010

The kids love this. It is poseable, and very durable. They will use it when they draw. I recommend this to aspiring artists.