EZ Glide Applicator (55" coating width) - Liquid laminating system

EZ Glide Applicator (55

Are you looking for a liquid laminating system to help protect your prints, signage, graphics, fine art and other such applications? Well, this EZ Glide Applicator (55" coating width) - Liquid laminating system is the perfect option. It will protect your sheets against deterioration and environmental hazards. View a Preview Clip

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Product Description:

Liquid Laminating System: View a Video of the EZ Glide Applicator

This EZ Glide Applicator - Liquid laminating system will put a clear even-layered protective coat of lamination on top sheets. This system can also mount your sheets to a panel if you place the graphic on top of a board before starting the lamination process. The laminate used in this system will effectively protect your prints from premature age as well as from harmful UV rays and moisture. This liquid laminating system can be used in both commercial and individual settings; serving as a quality aid for art project and also adding protection to sign shop graphics and prints.


The versatility of this This EZ Glide Applicator - Liquid laminating system makes it perfect for protecting a wide range of inkjet graphics including:

  • Water-resistant signage
  • Vehicle graphics
  • Fine art printed on water-resistant canvas
  • Regular canvas with solvent-based coatings


With many forms of graphics, environmental hazards and aging are huge factors to consider. While there are other forms of lamination, protecting with the EZ Glide is the best option. It is precise and easy to use; saving you time, money and hassle.

  • Provides protection against UV rays, deterioration and moisture
  • Adds a finished touch to graphics
  • Enhances the quality of the inks
  • More cost efficient than film laminates
  • Easy to use
  • A cleaner option when compared to spraying or hand rolling
  • Graphics stay flexibility
  • Provides an even-layer of coating

How to Use:

The EZ Glide Liquid Laminating System is not only effective at adding protection; it is also easy to use. It only takes minutes to set up, coat and clean up, just follow the steps below:

  1. First, pure the liquid coating into the tray, be sure to secure your system to the table with the aid of the braces included.
  2. Spin the coating rod up, and then insert your sheet over the tray.
  3. Spin the coating rod down to submerge your sheet into the coating.
  4. Pull your sheet through completely.
  5. As you continue to pull your project through the EZ Glide, the coating rods will wipe off any excess coating; leaving behind an even-layer of lamination. The back of the project will be left completely dried as the red wiper below completely wipes off the coating.
  6. After you have finished coating your pieces, drain the liquid back into the bottle and clean the coating rod with water.

*Note: This machine does laminating, not mounting!

EZ Glide 55"

Dim: 65" x 10" x 9"

Wt: 22 lbs

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