Artograph Digital Art Projector LED300

Artograph Digital Art Projector LED300
If you show art, whether it be to a class or a group, the most important thing you need to have at your disposal is flexibility, and with the Artograph Digital Art Projector LED300, that's just what you have.
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Product Description:

Regardless of where your images come from, whether they be computers, SD cards, digital camers or other sources, the Artograph Digital Art Projector LED300 will make a full show out of it with little need for input from you.  And not only are the images you can project crisp and clear, but this beauty of a projector is virtually maintenance free with fuss-free LED lights that assure you of the brightest possible pictures anywhere.  Whatever you want to show, the images will be of the highest quality, from 15" to 80" plus, regardless of the lighting in the room you are showing it in.  

Do you want to include music and movies in your presentation?  The Artograph Digital Art Projector LED300 can do that too for inclusion in any type of presentation that you want.  The bulb comes with a guarantee for a 30,000 hour lifetime.  Enhance whatever you are showing with the touches of music and movies to enhance your story even more.

Everything about the Artograph Digital Art Projector LED300 is full automatic with remote control, giving you everything you need to make your presentation totally flawless and the most professional results that you have ever achieved.  

Everything you need comes included with this projector, and it even weighs less than two pounds. The complete list of additions are:

*  All cables for full dimension pictures 

*  USB card reader

*  operation manuals 

*  Storage bags

There's even a tripod and floor stand are available for additional purchase.  The specially designed tripod will not only accommodate the projector, but it allows showing of images in any direction, including the ceiling.

This product is ideal for virtually any projector use, whether for studio, on-site use, and presentations, wherever they are needed.  No longer will you be forced to make due with whatever you happen to have on hand.  You already have the best. 

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October 07, 2012

I have to say that Madison Art Shop is the worst!!! That being said, I order a "Artograph Digital Art Projector LED300"(699.99)from the site on 9/27/12 and got an email confirming my order, now all I was waiting for was a email with the date that it was suppose to be coming in and the tracking number. Never got it!!! So I calling the number on the site and left messages and emails and NO response. Days later I finally got them on the phone and they STILL couldn't tell me when my order was coming in!! they just keep telling me that they will call me back but NEVER DID!!!!! Its 10/7/12 now and still no answers and my Artograph LED300!!!!! DONT WASTE YOUR TIME WITH MADISON ART SHOP!!!!
{Editors note: We apologize with the stocking issues we have had with this new Artograph #LED300 Digital Art Projector. It was a new item from Artograph and sold out very quickily. They are now back in stock and shipping.]
May 27, 2012

I'm with the previous reviewer, it didn't state anything about shipping at the end of may a few weeks ago when I ordered this. Although now that it is the "end of may" could you update the ship time???
May 18, 2012

I had the distinct impression from the Madison site that the Artograph LED 300 was in stock and ready to ship, so I placed the order rather than "shop around" for competitive pricing. Other sites had indicated the product would not be in for another month or so. I was surprised when Madison did not ship right away. There is now a caveat on the page that the product is expected to ship at the end of May. Not the end of the world, just a delay in my expectations of getting to work immediately, built on Madison's web page presentation. I had to email and ask, and received an apology.