Calculated Industries® DigiRoller Plus II Measuring Wheel

Calculated Industries® DigiRoller Plus II Measuring Wheel

Item Code: AL-CA425

Mfg List: $169.95
Sale Price: $159.99
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The Calculated Industries Alvin Digiroller Plus 2 6245 is the best option for measuring large distances on the job site. With multiple measurement features, a sturdy and comfortable handle, and the ability to operate at higher speeds, this digital measuring wheel is everything you need.

Product Description:

Measure fields, lot sizes, and straight distances with ease with the Alvin Digiroller Plus II 6245. Packed with features, light and easy to carry, it will quickly become your most indispensable tool. The all digital measuring wheel produces highly accurate measurements and converts U.S. and metric units.

The professional digital measuring wheel automatically calculates square footage and volume at the touch of a button. Just roll along the length and width to find area and square footage measurements in seconds! Then store your measurements for fast recall when you need them.

The easy-to-read digital display has large, clear numbers and it includes a wrist strap.

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