Daniel Greene 144 Pastel Set in Wooden Briefcase

Daniel Greene 144 Pastel Set in Wooden Briefcase

Keeping pastels together and organized can help an art project get finished faster. It also helps the artist to choose just the right color to create the artistic vision. With 144 colors, any artist can find that precise shade for every need. 

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Creating an artistic vision requires the right tools and the right colors. With this set of 144 pastels, shades of every color will be at the artist's fingertips. The attractive wooden case keeps the pastels safe and allows them to stay organized at all times. Each pastel color was selected by hand by the artist Daniel Greene. The case opens easily to allow the artist to view all of the colors at once. The handle on top allows the case to be carried anywhere with ease. The wooden case is made from a durable semi-hardwood and is stained with a medium oak finish. The artist can carry it anywhere, open the unique folding design for instant access and work anytime inspiration strikes. Each pastel stick is standard size. 

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September 03, 2012

September 03, 2012