Calculated Industries® Construction Master® Pro Trig Calculator

Calculated Industries® Construction Master® Pro Trig Calculator

Get the Construction Master Pro Trigonometrical  calculator, for building and structural design professionals. The Alvin Const was designed for precision and mastery of the complex mathematical scenarios associated with building, engineering and architecture. Build to scale; and design to perfection, with the Alvin Const Master Calculator.  

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Product Description:

The Calculated Industries®  Alvin Const Master Pro Trig - 4080 Calculator was designed to make things easy for building, engineering and design professionals, who are assigned the most challenging contracts. Use the Alvin Const's trigonometrical capabilities for creating to-scale angles. Use its speedy mathematical features for precise calculations of structural and field masses, to ensure that all of the "pieces" to your project are congruent and appropriate.

In getting more specific, the calculator includes, but is not limited to, the following keys and features: 

  • Stair calculations
  • Jack-rafter key
  • Circular key
  • Rake-wall key
  • Common rafters
  • And board feet

The Construction Master Pro also has a few record-keeping features that give contractors the ability to refer-back to the previous 20 entries. Take advantage of exponential notation, constant operation and cost-per-unit calculations, in a few examples. 

This Trig Calculator comes with a hard exo-back, user-friendly instructions and a pocket guide for quick reference. Secure your one-year warranty-backed Construction Master Pro today. 

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