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 G:30Inx36In&V:29Inx35In - #FMC-80012
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 G:36Inx96In&V:35Inx95In - #FMC-80015(+$600)

Displaying a work of art is an art form in itself. Without an appropriate display, a masterpiece might not receive the attention and admiration it deserves. Imagine if the Mona Lisa sat in a half-lit corner of the Louve, causing odd shadows and off-colored lighting across the face of the woman. While it would not deteriorate the quality of the work, it all but destroyers the ability for anyone to actually enjoy the piece. That is exactly why utilizing only the best lighting setup, including a light panel, is so important, as without it, a work of art might not be truly appreciated. 
Product Description:

The CCFL Light Panel is able to improve the lighting quality and appearance of almost any great painting, photograph or other work of hanging art. Proper lighting is essential in displaying any art, regardless of where it is located or what sort of art it is. An effective form of lighting is to take advantage of a light panel. This is an edge-lit panel that provides lighting from all sides of the piece. This way, the viewer is not going to see any hot spots on the painting, which can distort the overall quality of the work. Thanks to the CCFL Light Panel, the precision etched acrylic panel is able to distribute light perfectly, ensuring the art is enjoy and viewed prominently. 

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