ALEX TOYS' Butterfly Tent

ALEX TOYS' Butterfly Tent

Alex Toys' BUTTERFLY TENT. {FREE SHIPPING} If you sit oh-so-still in your gauzy butterfly tent out under the tree, every butterfly in the yard will come fluttering by to see just who this lovely new flower might be.

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This gauzy flowing creation serves two purposes. Indoors it can be used as a sleep canopy. Bring it outside and it becomes the girliest tent around. Adorned with 18 butterflies in glittery colors and of varying size this, this "butterfly habitat" will become a little girl's second home. Sized to frame a twin bed, it can be hung from the ceiling, or outdoors from a tree limb or overhead structure. Sufficient ribbon for hanging from a standard ceiling is included, as well as tie backs and a sturdy zippered bag for stowing it away if your little girl ever leaves it. It measures 24"W x 90" high. 

Suitable for Ages: 3 plus

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Customer Reviews

Turn your child's room into an oasis of flitting and fluttering butterflies with the ALEX TOYS' Butterfly Tent.

If your children like to build things or follow something from beginning to end they’ll love Alex Toys’ Jungle Marble Maze! They can send a marble down a cascading falls, down a giraffe’s long neck, and out a crocodile’s mount with this interactive and colorful wooden marble maze. Parents can help them assemble the elaborate maze and then watch them follow the marble through all of its phases. Your children will marvel at the colors, stripes, and flowers – a landscape that is beautifully reminiscent of the jungle. There is a snake, monkey, giraffe, elephant, and a crocodile to encounter along the marble’s journey. Your heart will be warmed when you hear them giggle as the marble rolls, plops, and plummets.

The dynamic marble maze won Parents Magazine's Best Toys of the Year Award and its sturdy construction and educational value show why. Perfect for ages 3 and up, this marble maze instills the foundation of gravity and perceptual reality.

If you want to teach your children and let them have fun in the process this marble maze is for you. With free shipping, the fun is just a click away!
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