Buhl MARK IV OPUS Opaque Projector

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Buhl MARK IV OPUS Opaque Projector 1440 watts. The Most High-End Artist Projector On The Market! This Projector takes not only flat printed images, but even 3-dimensional objects, and projects thier image onto your wall or canvas to trace out, with top clarity and detail! The BUHL is the only opaque projector today that works with 3-D objects.

Huge original photo or image accpeted - 11.2" x 11.2" - Larger than any other projector on the market!

The Buhl Mark IV OPUS is the ideal projector for non-transparent materials such as original documents, books, magazines and even thin three-dimensional solid objects.

The NEW illumination system with 4 halogen reflectors enables sufficient light output for presentations in daylight conditions, while special hi-quality optical elements with a NEW dedicated projection lens guarantee a perfect, sharp and bright picture.

Limited Lifetime Warranty

Buhl Mark IV OPUS Opaque Projector
Weight: 56 Lbs.
Warranty: 1 Year

Magnification: 3x to 8x
Working Area: Full A4 stage (285 x 285mm - 11.2204" x 11.2204")
Lens: 330mm, f=2.8; 3-element with hi-index glass
Lamp Type: ENX 82V/360W x 4
Projection distance of 5-12 feet with a 40-108" image size

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81224 Colorado
January 17, 2014

Melbourne, FL
June 03, 2013

This opaque projector is large and bulky in addition it has difficulty focusing a full page document with clarity on all for sides. usually only half the page will come into focus at a time, making it difficult to use for the price. Not impressed with the focusing mechanism. Had to return twice just to make sure it was not me. But I have had experience using opaque projectors for over 10 yrs in the classroom and this one does not do the job unfortunately.
October 07, 2011

October 07, 2011