MARTIN YALE Buck Booster

Artists who use electronic equipment to craft their masterpieces can now depend on the Martin Yale Buck Booster to control the device's "buck" and "boost". Create flawless masterpieces in the process when you use this product correctly.
Item Code: MY-WRA260501

Mfg List: $1,375.35
Sale Price: $1,359.99
You Save: $15.36 (1%)

Product Description:

Having a set of electronic tools you use for crafting frames or creating other beautiful works of art is even better when you can trust those to work flawlessly. You can now control your device's voltage with the Martin Yale Buck Booster, also known simply as a "buck-boost transformer". By doing so, you can get perfectly streamlined edges and controlled designs on any art project that requires carving or shaping of solid materials.

Martin Yale Industries is best known for its various mail cutters and shredding equipment. With the Martin Yale Buck Booster you can now get perfect shapes and sizes every time, no extra work needed on your own. With Martin Yale, framing art projects doesn't have to be so difficult and expensive.

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