Brush SETS

Brushes are possibly the most important investment an artist can make, because the quality of the brush used has almost as much power to damage or beautify a work as the orchestrating artist. When making an initial investment in brushes it’s wise to choose a set. Having a number of different sizes and shapes of brushes provides the artist with as many options as possible to create the vision within his/her mind’s eye.

Good quality Brush Sets and Classroom Packages are important for young and adult artists. When starting out a good brush set often provides a number of different size brushes with varying shapes. Often a set will have an assortment of artists brushes used for watercolor, oil, and other popular mediums in samplers sets. Some are sold specifically for watercolor or oil. Look for quality name brands like John Howard Sanden, Jack Richeson and Company, Permalba and other when choosing a set. A good brush set for a individual artist or classroom sets the tone for professional work.

Brush Sets and Classroom Packages are essential tools for artists young and old. Good quality and craftsmanship are important when choosing a set.