SAWTRAX Bosch Worm Drive Upgrade

An impressive uprade on an existing Bosch SAWTRAX wood cutting system that will ensure even better wood cut product with every use.
Item Code: SAW-BSH

Mfg List: $550.00
Sale Price: $539.99
You Save: $10.01 (2%)

Product Description:

The SAWTRAX Bosch Worm Drive Upgrade is a beautiful improvement for an automated Bosch saw system. These tools are extremely helpful when it comes to cutting various pieces of wood quickly, accurately, and correctly. The tool removes the ambiguity and mistakes of slight human error, providing clean, perfect cuts every time. The product ends up being high-quality pieces of wood that can be used for all kinds of projects without issue. What project manager wouldn't enjoy being able to use wood cuts that are practically perfect with every production run? When quality matters, using the right tools is the smart way to go every time.

The Drive Upgrade is transported via freight courier due to size {Shipping: $227.95} direct to the buyer's address provided.

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