BOB ROSS "Wet On Wet Oil Painting" DVDs & Signature Products

Watching Bob Ross paint, has been giving beginners interest in learning to paint, as well as enthralling veteran painters with new techniques to use on their masterpieces. The many BOB ROSS "Wet On Wet Oil Painting" DVDs & Signature Products available, offer this beloved painter's methods to others. The painting and tool kits allow painters to use the very same tools that Ross himself uses in his videos, and the paints that he recommends. The instructional DVDs allow Bob himself to show viewers just how to use those paints and tools and how to paint quickly and effectively. The wet-on-wet technique that Ross mastered is demonstrated on his DVDs to allow anyone to create their own artistic vision!

Bob Ross, the beloved painter so familiar to anyone with an interest in art, teaches innovative painting techniques in his instructional DVDs. Choose a Bob Ross painting set to get the same colors and tools that he uses to create the same effects. 

Watching Bob Ross on his Televison Series was so compelling and enchanting that even non-artists could not "touch that dial"!
Buy these Bob Ross DVDs and Bob Ross art supplies so you can relive these lessons and paint along with Bob.

Bob Ross invented the wet-on-wet method: traditional oil painters have always waited a day or more for the first layer of paint to drive before continuing on to the econd layer. Bob Ross shows you how this waiting is unneccessary.

You will be amazed how Bob merely touches the canvas and a bush or tree appears. You will be more amazed at how easily you can do this yourself!
One of our visitors wrote this in to us:
"Came across your website and saw you have a statement saying that Bob Ross invented the wet on wet technique. This is NOT true. Bob Ross was a student of the person who invented the technique, William Alexander. After years of trying to learn painting by taking private lessons and attending classes Ross eventually came across William Alexander. He then knew that was the technique he wanted to persue, so he studied under Alexander for years. He became an Alexander instructor and taught classes on his behalf. This has all been documented and if you ever see the special PBS did on Bob ross recently, you will see on the show that this has been acknowledged.

"Bob Ross, after he left Alexander, wouldn't even acknowledge Alexanders name. What a... thing to do to your mentor. Its unfortunate that he gets all the accolades from this technique especially when Alexanders painting are so much more real in both color and composition and not to even mention he was the sole inventor of it.

"Just wanted to expalin the reality of it. Have a nice day."

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