Birch Sliding Door Unit - Wall Mounted Cabinet-15

The Birch Sliding Door Unit cabinet mounts on the wall so that cabinet space doesn't have to take up floor space. This is the perfect unit for organizing art supplies in a home or professional studio. The sliding door unit also works well in art classrooms.
Item Code: SH-WM4-16x47

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Product Description:

The cabinets are traditional floor-sized, so professionals can have all the space they need to stay organized without taking up space in the art room. While cabinets provide a way to keep files and portfolios in order, they can make an art studio seem smaller, which can be a hindrance when working on large art projects. There are also sliding doors on the storage unit. These door provide artists with privacy, which can be very necessary for completing creative ventures. Personal items can be stored in the mounted cabinets, and locks can be installed on the doors of the cabinets to keep valuable items safe if the Birch Sliding Door Unit is used in a shared space.

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