BEST Medium-Duty Stretcher Bar - 14"

By taking advantage of our huge sale today, you not only save money, but you guarantee yourself that the project will come out exactly how you imagined it.

Item Code: JR890104

Mfg List: $4.15
Sale Price: $2.09
You Save: $2.06 (50%)

Product Description:

Whether you're a professional or amateur painter, stretching your own canvas for your project saves money and can leave you with a quality piece of art you can cherish for years to come. With our BEST Medium-Duty Stretcher Bar - 14", beginners can complete projects with superb quality. While we do admit squaring your own canvas can be confusing at times, the time it takes to accomplish it is well worth it.

Using BEST Medium-Duty Stretcher Bars will allow you to use the exact dimensions needed for your project. So take advantage of our sale and buy your very own BEST Medium-Duty Stretcher Bar - 14" for your next project today!

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