BEKA Weaving Frame

BEKA Weaving Frame
The BEKA Weaving Frame, on sale now for $33.00 at Madison Art Shop, is the perfect frame for you or your child to learn and practice the engaging art of weaving. 
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Sale Price: $33.00

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If you or your child has ever wondered what it's like to learn how to weave, then the BEKA Weaving Frame is the ideal tool to use. Its solid wooden frame is made of quality maple wood and provides a sturdy base for working on weaving projects. Each BEKA Weaving Frame comes with two beams, durable plastic teeth, dowel supports, a shuttle, a pick-up stick and a weaving needle. Don't worry if these tools all sound strange to you--your weaving frame also comes with a complete set of instructions designed for the beginner in mind. The frame weighs a mere 2 lbs and has the capacity for weaving projects of up to 14" wide and 18" long. The only other thing that you or your little weaver need to do is find and select the yarn. Some assembly required.

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Milwaukee, WI
January 15, 2010

Awesome price, quick shipping, great weaving frame. I'll be back! thank you!