BEKA Pre-School Easel

BEKA Pre-School Easel
Invest in your child's creative future today!
Item Code: BEKA-01401

Sale Price: $49.99

Product Description:

With the BEKA Preschool Easel, your child can indulge their creative side and have fun at the same time, preparing themselves for their long-term careers as artists, managers, and beyond. Your child will learn to work with chalkboards, whiteboards, and lots of imagination, where they can make their dreams reality. Measuring three by about two and a half feet (36" easel, 16x18" art board), the easel is at the perfect height for preschoolers and small children, easy to use and fun to work with. To make your busy life a little bit easier, this Easel comes fully assembled with an attachable and detachable art tray, chalk and a wipe-off marker. A small investment in a big future, it will provide your child with endless hours of entertainment indoors and out, away from the computer screen and out in the real world, giving you more time to watch your child learn and grow.

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