SHAIN Art/Drafting Table - 36x24x37-21 Wt-80

Item Code: SH-DT-3F37

Mfg List: $576.00
Sale Price: $509.99
You Save: $66.01 (11%)

Be sure you start off your projects- whether big or small- on the right foot by using the bet drafting and art table available! When you need working space that helps rather than hinders your project, then you need the SHAIN Art/Drafting Table.

Product Description:

With a table size of 36x24x37-21 and a weight of around 80 pounds, this is one of the best drafting tables available today! Get the space you need and keep everything right where you need it. This table is perfect for large or small projects and can be adapted for professional or academic work. The table has room for supplies and many great accessories that will make working on your project easier and more enjoyable than ever. Crank out projects quickly and easily by starting off with the best work space out there.

Beginning a project is often the hardest part so get started off right and you are sure to see the difference! Discover the SHAIN art and drafting table today!

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