Multimedia ARTBOARD

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Product Description:
Multimedia Artboard
Are you tired of using Canvas?
Discover the ultimate artboard!

Multimedia Artboard is a uniquely different material suitable for many types of art and craft applications. The innovative combination of paper and epoxy resin provides an exceptionally durable product that has few limitations.

Product Information:
  • Accepts both oil and water based paints
    The only product available that can be used successfully with almost any combined media.
  • Brings out brilliance of color
    Pigments adhere to the surface maintaining color integrity. Holds a definite color edge.
  • A unique formulation
    Can be scraped or sanded to compliment media applications.
  • No priming required
    Usable on both sides, flat or textured finish. Gesso can be applied for a less absorbent surface.
  • Archival
    Acid Free-Lignin free

    PH balance 6.7-7.0 Neutral
    Not susceptible to molds, mildew or insects.
  • Translucent
    Will not yellow. Can be used for tracing with backlighting.
  • Non buckling
    This material will not buckle even when saturated.
  • Sheet sizes
    8" X 10", 11" X 14", 16" X 20", 18" X 24 ", 20" X 24", 22" X 30" and 30" X 40"
  • Colors
    White or Black

    Made in the United States of America


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