ARTFIX All Purpose Linen Canvas Roll 1x LEAD Primer 55"x5.5yd

ARTFIX All Purpose Linen Canvas Roll 1x LEAD Primer 55"x5.5yd
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Product Description:

ARTFIX offers an all purpose linen canvas with a strong, tight weave. Made with a Conservator grade painting surface the canvas will last long after an artist's lifetime. Hand crafted for over 40 years the Narozni family makes premium canvases for students and professionals looking to achieve museum quality expressions. Combining hand-primed European methods with the knowledge of modern chemistry, the Narozni balances the best of the past with the hope of the future to give artists foundational support for artistic endeavors. Manufactured near Vence in Provence (an artist haven) the warm, dry climate comes ideal for steady, even drying of primer surfaces.

The brand is particularly known for among professional artists for the following qualities:

  1. A fine Belgian line with long natural threads with fewer knots creating a flawless surface.
  2. A stable ph in the linen making for extraordinary canvas longevity.
  3. Uniform breathing is achieved by its double sized threads which reduces any paint film stress.
  4. Four layers of primer are hand applied and sanded between each coating which minimizes flaking, cracking and peeling as the painting ages.

ARTFIX Canvas Choices

ARTFIX canvasses can handle many different styles and techniques. For large format works such as Belgian handkerchief linen with its full-bodied weighty toothed linens comes as the perfect choice. If oil paint is not your forte no need to exchange canvases. ARTFIX canvasses come formulated for acrylic sizing as well with a double application it isolate the fabric from any acids present in the primer or paint. Canvases have any where form one to six coats of primer whether oil or acrylic variety.Oil based primer has no toxins and yet gives the best qualities of a white lead primer with similar adhesion, absorption, luminisecen, and strenth. Acrylic universal primer has many of the same qualities as the oil based primer. Economical prices are available at the same quality level  with the special half (85’ x 5.5 yards) and quarter rolls (42’ x 5.5 yards). To better fit the individual artist's needs five types of linens with over 50 kinds of canvases are available for purchase.

Oil Primer Lead Style

Offers classic lead qualities with none of the traditional toxins. Uniquely absorbent, this lead gives oil paints the needed tension to adhere to the canvas surface tightly.  Color depth maximizes and if glazed coloring has glowing qualities.

Universal Primer

More subdued and muted the universal primer mimics traits of oil-based primers but gives acrylic endurance and flexibility. Recommended for use with oil paint, acrylic paint and drawing medias.

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* About Linen as a choice for canvas: A heavy duty woven fabric, linen comes from the flax plant. Known for its durability, considerable strength, and suitablility for oil painting professional artists have used the fabric for centuries. An additional feature of linen is it maintains painting integrity ensuing an artist's work lasts long after their lifetime.

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