With a three-stage filter and smart, compact design, this spray booth is an efficient option for hobbyists and professionals alike!
Spray inside or near this Spray booth. It will suck in all fumes!
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Product Description:

Spray projects such as airbrush painting are incredibly fun, but they can also be messy and sometimes dangerous. The Autograph 1520 Standard Model Spray System is made for those who need a cost-efficient solution to control and contain aerosol projects. Made in the U.S.A., this spray booth features a three-stage filtration system to control over-spray, which helps protect yourself and your surroundings from airborne particles while spraying. 

A Three-Stage Filter To Keep You Safe

Each stage of this spray booth’s filter is designed to give you the cleanest non-toxic work area for both flat and 3-D projects. First, a 100% polyester pre-filter handles any overspray, keeping your project nice and clean where you want it to be. The second stage offers even deeper filtration through the use of polyester, which is far less toxic and less likely to fall apart than fiberglass. Finally, a carbon and polyester blend filter controls those last stubborn particles, leaving your air and work area fresh. 

Both the three-stage filter and the spray guard hood are completely replaceable, making this a cost-saving spray booth option when compared to bulkier units with complicated parts. The filter is easy to replace as a whole unit. Alternatively, you can replace individual filters with new sheets. Each brand new unit comes with 5 pre-filter sheets, 1 second-stage filter, and 1 third-stage poly-carb filter. Each unit also comes with a 5 year warranty.

A Commanding, Quiet Fan

A 185 CFM fan is what keeps this filter system working wonderfully from the first spray to the last. Operating at a powerful 100 fpm, it runs quieter than larger industrial spray booths. Most users report that the fan is no louder than a standard box fan. This is a great option for artists living in close community residences. Want even more vent control in tight spaces? A standard dryer hose can be attached to the exhaust port, allowing you to direct filtered air outside.

A Convenient Work Area

With a 15 x 20 inch area, the Autograph 1520 is designed to handle flat and 3-D projects up to 13 x 18 inches. Want to take your creative spray projects on the road? Weighing in at 17 pounds, this unit is easier to transport than other, bulkier spray booths. The cardboard hood is fully detachable from the base, which makes moving this booth a breeze! The base of the unit is approximately 9x12 inches. The powerful fan rests neatly at the bottom of the base. The rear exhaust port is flush with the base, meaning it does not protrude further than the base area. This design helps to make the 1520 the perfect spray booth for artists who need to save space!

Frequently Asked Questions

How often do I have to change the filters and the hood?
We recommend changing the pre-filter about every 90 sprays when using pre-cut filters, or whenever the roll is depleted when using a pre-filter roll. Stage 2 filter paks should be changed every 3-4 months, or when you’ve used about 2 rolls of pre-filters. The Stage 3 poly-carb filter should be changed about every 6 months to a year, or every 2 filter paks. The hood can be replaced whenever it becomes damaged, or if you simply desire a new one. Replacement hoods can be ordered here at the Madison Art Shop online, or by consulting the replacement hood and filter ordering instructions that are included with the unit.

What kind of fans are used in this spray booth?
The Artograph 1520 spray booth uses a thermally protected brushless box AC fan.

Can I filter the over spray and odors out of doors?
Yes. A standard dryer hose can be attached to the built-in exhaust adapters on the unit to direct the air output anywhere you would like. We recommend using a maximum length of 8 feet of dryer hose. 

Additional Information

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Product Reviews

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May 28, 2011

The description didn't state that the hood was made of cardboard. If I had known that I would have purchased something else. The primary filter is not really held in place very well. A suggestion if painting models would be to cut a piece of cardboard slightly larger than the model and place it on top of the filters. I feel the filters and motor would have been better placed behind the spray area instead of beneath the object being painted. The base of the unit seems well-built. I will fabricate another hood of some material more substantial.
North Tonawanda, NY
February 14, 2010

The Artograph 1520 is a very nice unit. It's very quiet, with good airflow into the filters but not strong enough to disrupt your spray pattern. Although the cover is corrugated cardboard, it's strong enough to support an 18" under-counter flourescent light with an angle brace across the top. If you really need something more sturdy, a metal cover is available. I use it for painting scale models, and the work area is large enough for anything but large scale models. I've only had the unit for a short time, so I can't comment on filter life. So far, I'm very satisfied with my purchase.

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